I just finished getting my third and final AWS Associate certification last week, so I figured I would share the resources I used to prepare for the exams.

  • Stephane Maarek’s courses. These covered just about everything in the exam. You can get these for around $10 when Udemy has a sale, which is quite often.
  • Jon Bonso’s practice tests These were critical for passing the exams. Each question comes with a detailed explanation on why each answer is correct or incorrect. Again, you can get these quite cheap when Udemy is having a sale.
  • AWS Certification subreddit. There’s some useful tips and tricks from people who have recently taken the exam.
  • The official AWS practice exams. You get a free practice exam each time you pass an exam, so I just used the free one for my second and third exams. You won’t find out which questions you got correct, so I recommend taking notes or screenshots of each question.